David De Gea Of Manchester United Is One The Highest Paid Goalkeepers

David De Gea is the star of Manchester United and now he is all set to sign on an unbelievable new contract at Manchester United. The contract is of worth £350k a week. By signing this contract he has become the highest paid goalkeeper worldwide. The MU is keen on keeping their star man and thus ready to pay him whatever he wishes. By offering this amount, MU is hopeful that their star will be with them for the foreseeable future.

Have a look at top five paid football players in the world
1. David De Gea from Manchester United Earning £350k a week
According to the most of the experts, David De Gea is the best goalkeeper and he is rightly at the top of this list. The earning of De Gea at the present time is 200k a week and the new deal he has signed with MU will give him almost double the amount that what is getting right now and this will put him at the level of Alexis Sanchez the highest paid player at United. De Gea is one of the world’s top goalkeepers.

2. “Thibaut Courtois from Real Madrid, earning £220k a week“
The contract of Courtois at Real Madrid is an important increase and a good jump from what he was earning at Chelsea. His current income is £11.5m per season, this nearly 4m above than what he was earning in London.

3. Kepa Arrizabalaga from Chelsea earning £192k a week
One of the world most expensive goalkeepers has a salary to match. The Chelsea paid a whopping £71.6m amount to “bring Arrizabalaga to London.“ It broke the world record fee set by Liverpool that it paid to Alisson Becker.

Manuel Neuer from Bayern Munich - earning £150k a week is in the fourth position, while Gianluigi Buffon from PSG earning £135K a week is in the fifth position.