After 5 consecutive victories, Clarence Seedorf’s streak has ended as they lost 2-0 against As.Roma but there are a series of rumors which have started spreading around concerning the future of Mario Balotelli.

During Ac.Milan’s defeat against As.Roma, Balotelli was substituted for the last few minutes of the match but just as he was leaving playing ground, the former Inter Milan appeared to be angry as he did not want to leave the field.
Balotelli said: “You always talk about me. When Milan win Mario’s great, but when Milan lose it’s all Mario’s fault. I don’t need your criticism, I criticize myself. He went on to add, I never said I’m a top player.”

“I am a perfectly normal player, it’s you that say I am an exceptional player, and you always expect me to score five goals a game. You always talk and talk, but there’s no point to saying any of these things. No point at all.”

Arsenal and Monaco are keen on taking the Italian forward away from Ac.Milan and sign him during the summer transfer window. Arsenal has a big list of players which they want to add into the squad which includes: Radamel Falcao, Alvaro Morata, Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez just to name a few.

Clarence Seedorf won 5 consecutive matches in charge of Ac.Milan and that was a feat that the Italian club had not managed to do during the entire season but despite this, there still are rumors going around claiming that the future of the Dutchman remains in risk.

Despite all of these rumors Seedorf responded by saying that he has a contract to fulfill beyond anything else and that the club was in a worse position before he got appointed as the coach.

"I took the team from five points off relegation and now we are here to talk about the Europa League. I have a contract, I don't need constant confirmation," Seedorf told reporters.