Thiago Silva frustrated about not representing Brazil in the Olympics

The Brazilian national football team is currently performing in the 2016 Olympics as they are the hosts of the international sports competition and the team of Tite is in search for their 1rst Gold Olympic medal as the Brazilian team has never managed to win the top spot but might just be able to win it this time around with Neymar leading the attacking force.

Thiago Silva is one of the more well-known Brazilian players and highly-rated performers in the world of football as he is consistently receiving praise and adding individual awards from his performances.

Back in 2014, Silva was included in the FIFA World Cup Dream Team as well as the All-Star Team and the Brazilian defender was also included in the UEFA Champions League: Squad of the Season for the season of 2015-16.

The captain of PSG, Thiago Silva wanted to use his highly praised skills to help Brazil in their journey of winning the 2016 Olympics but Paris Saint-Germain did not allow him to go, probably in fear that he might get injured.

"I'm pleased for 'Marqui' because he wanted to go and he's of the age to participate in it. It was very complicated but we found a solution at the last moment with the club.For me things didn't happen as I wished them to. The club wanted to keep the captain after the change of coach’’

"After a year and a half without wearing the national team jersey, I wanted to go there and play in the Olympic Games, especially since it's in Rio. I was born in Rio, I wanted to go there. The club took its decision, I accept it and now I'm going to try to do my best as always’’ Thiago Silva of PSG said as he voiced his desire to represent Brazil but simply wasn’t allowed to do so.